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Delighted that my story podcast for XFM is now available. Really enjoying recording them, you can download episodes here: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/tom-craines-story-show-xfm/id972213834?mt=2?at=10lwHC&ct=xfm

stand up dates
  • 02/05/15 Tom Craine in Wales at Machynlleth Comedy Festival
  • 04/05/15 Tom Craine in London at New Material at The Round Table, Soho
  • 04/05/15 Tom Craine in Bath at Preview, Bath
  • 14/05/15 Tom Craine in Winchester at Winchester Scoundrels
  • 16/05/15 Tom Craine in Bristol at Comedy Box
  • 18/05/15 Tom Craine in London at New Stuff at the Regent Pub Islington

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